Pay & Print Labels in Addition

After creating shipments, the next step in the Fulfillment Process is to lodge your MyPost Business order and print shipping labels. If you follow the instructions below you'll complete the whole process within Addition. This option is for those with their fulfillment strategy set to 'Pay & Print labels inside Addition'.

Alternatively, you can pay & print via the MyPost Business portal, but don't change your fulfillment strategy part way through a fulfillment, your fulfillment strategy should be set before you start a fulfillment.

Order Manifests

  1. From within the fulfillment you are working on, click Order Manifests.
  2. You'll be taken to the list of un-manifested shipments. Click Select all. Alternatively, individually select the shipments you'd like.
  3. Click Create Lodgement.
  4. Give the new lodgement a name and click Save.
  5. Then navigate back to the fulfillment by clicking the link in the top left corner of the screen.

NOTE: If you can't move past the 'Create Lodgement' screen, it's likely you have a credit card error. This could be caused by insufficient funds, or an out of date credit/debit card linked to your MyPost Business account. If you need to update your card details follow our guide: Update your MyPost Business payment details.

Print Shipping Labels

  1. The next step is to print shipping labels, click Shipping Labels.
  2. You'll be taken to the list of shipments you just created. Click Select all to select all of the shipments. Alternatively, individually select the shipments you'd like.
  3. Click Create Labels.
  4. Give your label a title and click Save.
  5. Next, select the labels you just created and download to save or print them.

The next step is to mark your orders as fulfilled in Shopify.