Product Dimensions

When you set up dimensions in Addition you are recording the physical measurements of the products in your store. This information is then available for our app to calculate the most appropriate packaging for a shopping basket and offer the customer an accurate shipping rate.

The more detailed you are with the dimensions you record, the more accurate your shipping quotes will be, especially if you have a wide range of product & packaging sizes.

How to add or edit individual product dimensions

  1. From your Addition dashboard, click Products.

  2. Here, you'll see all of your products listed, with their dimensions. It's likely you won't have any of these dimensions filled in.

  3. Simply click in the dimensions fields to add each product's measurements. Make sure to click out of the field when you are done and it will auto-save.

  4. Alternatively, you can click Edit on the right hand side of a product, change the details on the Edit page, and click Save.



How to bulk edit product dimensions

It's also possible to edit multiple product dimensions at one time, but this is only useful if you have multiple products of the same size, for example if you had a product in multiple colour-ways.

  1. On the products page, select the products you wish to edit and click Edit variants.

  2. On the Edit variants screen, fill in the detail and click Save

  3. Now the products you edited will all be populated with the same dimensions.

Is your product made up of multiple parts? Read about Product Components to learn how you can account for multi-part products with various dimensions.