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A Rate is a price that a customer will pay for shipping and is associated with a single Range.

When an order is received, the destination address is matched to a Zone and one or more Ranges, after which the Rates for the matching those ranges are returned (based on optional conditions that you are free to set on each rate).


Acme Inc. has set up a Zone for Australia and a Range that targets addresses in downtown Sydney. Two types of shipping are offered to customers with matching addresses:

  • 'Fast shipping' for $10 - only available on orders with fewer than 3 items.
  • 'Slow shipping' for $5 - available on all orders.

Rates offer a high degree of flexibility:

  • You can customise how the price of a rate is calculated: it can be free, a fixed amount, or vary based on the weight or quantity of items being shipping.
  • You can set up nested rules that determine the circumstances under which a rate should be applied. For example you could set up a rate that will only be applied if the order has more than 5 items or is over 5kg.
  • You can apply rate modifiers that change the price of the rate (up or down) based on factors such as the postcode of the person ordering.

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