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Uninstall Application & Cancelling Subscription

Whether you are simply trialing an app or you switching to a new app, you might need to remove one of our apps from your store & cancel your subscription.

Shopify makes this very easy for you to do in your Shopify admin.

Here we show you how you can remove an app.

Step 1.

Navigate to your store admin.


Step 2.

Browse to your installed Apps by clicking the navigation item "Apps" on the left hand side menu.


Step 3.

Find the app which you want to remove and click the trash icon on the right.


Step 4.

Confirm your uninstall by clicking the red "uninstall" button.

Please note: If you are having issues with one of our apps we are more than happy to help you resolve them prior to you to uninstalling. Please reach out to our support with as much detail as possible and we can advise on the best solution.